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Planning for Construction: Safety Strategies for Work Zone Traffic

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In any type of construction situation that has a roadway nearby, it is important that traffic is routed appropriately. A certain degree of planning must go into the management of traffic around a worksite quickly, in the early planning stages of construction.

Effective traffic management of a work zone is necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Worker safety
  • Motorist safety
  • Minimize traffic delays
  • Maintain access for homes and businesses
  • Timely completion of road work

This involves assessing the impacts that a work zone would have on various aspects of an area, including the traffic as well as finding ways to mitigate those impacts and document them in a transportation management plan, or TMP. […]

Saving Lives by Designing Safe Traffic Flow in Work Zones


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Road work is dangerous whether you are constructing new highways, filling potholes, replacing water and sewer lines, repairing utilities or trimming trees.

Projects may take a matter of minutes or many months. No matter what the duration, a roadway work zone creates a traffic obstruction requiring signage and other warning equipment to catch the attention of motorists, slow the pace of traffic and redirect motorists around the work zone.

Planning needs to occur ahead of time concerning what kind of warning devices to use and where to place them. It should include a map indicating the traffic diversion plan from first warning sign — which should be well ahead of the work zone — to point of exit. […]

High Tech Trends Transform Work Zone Traffic Control

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“Invent the Future” is the motto of Virginia Tech where researchers are designing a prototype vest with woven-in radio sensors that will warn workers when they are in the way of danger from oncoming motorists or work zone equipment. The normal looking fluorescent vest will respond to digitally equipped warning systems in motorist’s cars and motorized work zone equipment.

For work zone employees as well as state troopers, police and first responders, the vest is a piece of the future that can’t arrive fast enough to protect them as well as motorists from work zone crashes. […]